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Sustainable Business Cleantech is a project focusing on creating a model where local companies in Värmland may match business interests on emerging markets. The ambition is to provide access to new green business opportunities and to implement sustainable skills, products and services based on the actual need for low carbon solutions.

We are pleased to cooperate with the following companies and organizations:

Eden Aquatech, Blue Future, Cellcomb, Sunfuria, Lumine LED, Monsson, Perfekta industrier, Clarion Collection Hotel Plaza, ToolBob (Swe), Per Eiritz, Rainpower, Nolby Ekostrategi (Swe), Glava Energy Center, the ICT-cluster Compare, Paper Province and Visit Värmland as well as the municipalities of Arvika, Karlstad and Säffle.

Sustaiable Business Cleantech is driven by LIFE Foundation and is co-funded by European Regional Development Fund, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, County of Värmland together with municipalities, clusters, companies and organizations in Värmland (mentioned above). 

with emerging markets

Below are a few of the companies in Värmland, Sweden, that we work with and who are looking for business opportunities in emerging markets. 


Does your country have school kitchens using firewood for cooking? Is firewood an easily accessible or scarce resource in your country? Would you like to find a solution to this, saving the environment, trees and efforts at the same time? 

We are looking for a business partner who; has a profound business network in your region in sub-Saharan Africa, has solid finances and is established among public stakeholders. 

Sunfuria is a Swedish company helping schools in off grid areas to cook without using firewood. Our solar storage solution enables efficient cooking by using solar heat and reused oil and enables cooking at any time, saving time and saving the environment for future generations. 

Lumine LED

Lumine LED is looking for a partner who are ready to invest in a very innovative LED production technology plant. Maybe in your region/country? Lumine LED has a production plan ready to be launched and will educate your local personnel.

Lumine LED help the public sector, sport arenas, industry and other harsh environments where the need for efficient lighting is high. The installations are characterized by high utilization of electricity use. The company has its own technology and knowledge in context of actuators, optics and production technology. The focus is on custom made lighting from high altitudes, long service life and cost efficiency.

Read more at Lumine LED’s website. 


Do you run your hydropower plant in an optimal way? Do you have unused potential and efficiency gains in your hydro power plant? Do you need capacity building training in hydro power plant optimization? 

Rainpower help the larger hydro power producers to update their power plants with the best performance at high head turbines. They offer new hydro power plants ranging from 0.4 MW-255 MW, rehabilitation, upgrades, services, spare parts and capacity building training.

Rainpower provide the opportunity to optimize hydro power plants as well as increase the financial outcome.

Read more at Rainpowers website. 


Please contact us for more information about these companies ambitions regarding matchmaking. 

Are you aware of a need of an eco-friendly solution in your country or seek for a Swedish business partner?

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Sustainable Business Cleantech stöttar företag som vill växa och etablera sig på tillväxtmarknader. Projektet riktar sig till små- och medelstora företag i Värmland med lösningar inom miljöteknik.




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